A fun-filled, easy-to-use kids' ministry tool designed to teach compassion and generosity to young world-changers.


Welcome! We are so delighted to have you on the JerryCan journey with us. Thank you for taking valuable time and effort to bring your students this fun and engaging message. Over the next four weeks we encourage you to take your ministry on a journey with us as we discover how we can be a part of what the Lord is doing through WorldServe International all over the world!

But first, we want to say a special thank you to all of our partners! Whether this is your first time working with WorldServe International or you have stood with us for years as we work together to bring the world’s water crisis to an end, we are grateful for every single one of you! WorldServe International could never accomplish what we have without supporters like you! And this is just the Beginning!

We have included access to several videos and a Project Campaign Portfolio full of pictures and facts that you can use to teach how, together, we can impact the lives of Children all around us! Use the JerryCan banks to raise awareness of the world water crisis and encourage your group to make a difference collecting coins and bills by doing chores or acts of service for others. Together we can make a difference!

At the end of the four weeks celebrate what God has done to build faith in your students by sharing your grand total and encouraging stories!

AND KEEP IN TOUCH! We would LOVE to hear the stories of how God is using JerryCan in your ministry to teach students how to be generous givers!

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JerryCan, born from WorldServe International’s mission to solve the world water crisis, is dedicated to partnering with kids’ ministry leaders in training children to become life-long givers. The outworking of this program is to bring clean water to needy families in Africa. When clean water is easily accessible in developing countries, we see churches flourish, schools thrive and medical facilities improve. Every lesson and video JerryCan teaches is geared toward showing students that their giving matters! And every coin collected by a child changes the life of another child. The JerryCan program is changing the world today AND tomorrow, for generations to come.

Meet JerryCan and Friends

JerryCan is your newest pal and the best Africa travel guide around. Named for his knack for carrying up to forty pounds of water at one time, Jerry dedicates his life to teaching your elementary-aged students about the importance of being compassionate and generous. Plus, he shares how kids can help families in Africa get access to clean water where there is none. Jerry is funny, adventurous, fearless, wise, and totally in love with Jesus! 

How can I introduce JerryCan to my students?

We want to make introducing JerryCan to your kids’ ministry as easy as possible. In three simple steps, your students can enjoy the adventure with Jerry!


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