Meet JerryCan

A fun friend and an easy tool


JerryCan is a special character that we are excited to share with you. He is funny, adventurous, fearless, wise, and totally in love with Jesus!


Not only is JerryCan a fun character, but it’s an amazing, easy to use ministry program. Driven by the desire to make a difference, we’ve got you covered on everything you’ll need to introduce JerryCan to your kids’ ministry. You can start the JerryCan journey today!

When you register for the JerryCan program you will receive the following tools:
  • African Culture Videos to Promote JerryCan Throughout the Week
  • Free* JerryCan Coin Banks for Your Students (*shipping cost not included)


Share the world-changing vision with every student through our engaging exclusive videos and JerryCan coin banks — all of which you will receive for free* upon registering online!

*The cost to ship the coin banks is not included

Share JerryCan

Share JerryCan

Share the free JerryCan coin bank and world-changing vision with your students. Use all four videos to encourage kids to bring their JerryCans, full of coins, back to church in future weeks!

Send the Change to Africa

Send the Change to Africa

Deposit the change at your local bank and write a check to WorldServe International, where the proceeds will make a direct impact in villages all over Africa!

Note to Pastors:

Our team here at WorldServe International wants you to feel completely equipped to take your students on the adventure with Jerry! If you would like additional help besides access to our free resources, a member of our team would love to be in communication with you throughout the whole program to check-in or answer any questions you may have. However, if you already have a vision for introducing JerryCan to your students and feel good about taking the resources to make it fit your kids’ ministry, we love that and want to empower you to do that!