JerryCan Resources

FREE tools to Make JerryCan Fun for Kids


JerryCan HQ resources your school or ministry with a media package designed to make giving to WorldServe fun and informational! The Media file provided and our patented JerryCan coin banks are designed to not only teach your kids why we give, but give them a tangible, fun tool to collect their givings in.

Exclusive Video Content

Receive exclusive WorldServe Vlog Content as well as the latest Information about our current Project.

Free Coin Bank Supply

JerryCan coin banks are available for each child in your school or ministry! Your only cost is shipping! This allows us to keep every church and school supplied with banks free of charge!

We’re All in This Together

If you’re ready to begin implementing JerryCan today, register now! You will receive the downloadable video resources instantly, and we will work with you to ship the JerryCan banks to your US location as soon as possible!