Clean water is foundational to life

Did you know?

An estimated 790 million people are living without access to clean drinking water. Most adversely affected by this crisis are women and children, as they spend close to 200 million daily hours collecting contaminated and unsafe water–leading to nearly 2,000 child deaths per day because of water-borne illnesses.

Why is a jerry can significant?

Throughout the entire continent of Africa, you are sure to find a jerry can or large bucket sitting beside most huts and houses. Why? Women and girls travel an average of 6 hours each day using them to retrieve dirty water for their families. And imagine this, a jerry can typically weighs up to 40 lbs when full. At WorldServe International, we know that if every jerry can could talk, it would surely have a story to tell. Women and girls face hardships in providing water for their families, so we’re on a mission to bring access to clean water closer to every woman, girl (and jerry can) in Africa!


Born out of WorldServe International’s mission to alleviate suffering through large-scale, solar-powered water projects, JerryCan is a program that allows children ages kindergarten-5th grade, to make a difference in the world starting today! WorldServe International dedicated its efforts solely to clean water in 2001 and has since reached over 3 million people! Strong partnerships with the local church, in both the US and African countries like Tanzania, Kenya, Ethiopia, have opened doors again and again to spread the life-change that water can bring. We see water as a tool to spread the gospel, and we see students as the vehicle to share it!

For I will pour water on the thirsty land, and streams on the dry ground; I will pour my Spirit upon your offspring, and my blessing on your descendants.” 

Isaiah 44:3